October 2012  

SUSTAIN in the program of the technical journey of ANEL – 18th october 2012 (Perros-Guirec)
The Observatoire marin was invited to present the SUSTAIN project during the technical journey of ANEL (national association of elected from coastal municipalities). All elected officials and technicians of all French’s coastline are invited to this annual event that addresses the issues that are facing these local actors. More than 300 people have been aware of this SUSTAIN project. A detailed presentation of deliverables (DeCyDe tool and booklets presentation of good practices) was made in technical workshop and then a refund of these exchanges took place in plenary.   

    June 2012  

SUSTAIN @ IVC Seminar on Exchange of Experience Processes
The Seminar on Exchange of Experience Processes took place on 19 June 2012 in Barcelona.  115 participants, representing 84 projects from first, second and fourth calls have joined the INTERREG IVC team. The objective of the seminar was to understand and discuss the way the exchange of experience among partners is being carried out, and how it can directly influence the policy framework of the participating regions. The day was divided into plenary sessions with general presentations, case studies and practical workshops in small groups.

The opportunities to network and share experience with projects at different levels of implementation, as well as the practical approach of the seminar, were highly appreciated. The feedbacks received showed that participants were inspired by the “richness of approaches that (one) can learn and choose from”, and came back home with new ideas concerning the methodologies and tools to implement their Component 3.
See here SUSTAIN presentation at the event!

    January 2012  

SUSTAIN presentation at the steering committee of the Observatoire marin – 27th January 2012 (Cavalaire-sur-Mer)

The steering committee of the Observatoire marin consists of more than 150 people representing elected from Sivom du littoral des Maures, technical and institutional partners, local and maritime professionals actors, association of environmental protection, etc. This meeting, held every two or three years, aims to discuss future directions of the Observatoire marin about public awareness, knowledge acquisition or management of the environment, taking into account previous actions results. This event was an opportunity to present the SUSTAIN project and its objectives. Participants were able to assess the quality of partnership set up and be aware of the latest progress of the program.

    January 2012  

SUSTAIN presents its developments in the I Iberoamerican Conference on Integrated Management of Littoral Areas
SUSTAIN presented the progress of the work done so far in the I Iberoamerican Congress on Integrated Coastal Areas, held in Cadiz from 25 to 29 January 2012. The conference was attended by over 250 representatives of the Iberoamerican region, and the level of presentations was very high, becoming a week of intense work in integrated coastal management and sustainability of littoral areas.
The presented poster, entitled "SUSTAIN Project: promoting the sustainability of coastal areas from the local and regional perspective," caught the attention of conference attendees. It showed the design methodology of the indicator system under development and some examples of successful transfer of best practices applied by the project partners.
Poster in pdf  –Spanish–  (download)

    November 2011  

SUSTAIN present in INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair ‘Regions of Europe Sharing Solutions’
24th November 2011

 SUSTAIN project represented by Alan Pickaver and Xenia Loizidou has actively participated at the INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair ‘Regions of Europe Sharing Solutions’ in Krakow, Poland. At this event, Ms. Xenia Loizidou presented on behalf of the Community Council of Kouklia the best practice transferred during an interregional exchange visit to the Netherlands. This experience and practice  has contributed very positively to the workshop “Smart use of waste land” held during the Good Practices Fair, as well to the knowledge-sharing and networking day.
SUSTAIN Best practices (Hand-out)
SUSTAIN PRESENTATION: Organic waste as a surfacing material, by Xenia I. Loizidou, Kouklia Community Council (CY)
Report and video on the first INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair 2011

    October 2011  
SUSTAIN joined OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference in Riga
26th - 28th  October 2011

The SUSTAIN partners joined the OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference-  "Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe: the way forward". The OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference gathered 180 participants from around Europe and has been a good opportunity to reflect, at high level, on cross-sectoral themes and policies affecting the seas and coasts. The conference was in a way that participants and key stakeholders from around Europe  had the opportunity to share experiences and initiatives. The conference has been of particular interest to national, regional and local authorities engaged with policy making, planning and management of coastal issues and therefore the SUSTAIN partners.  More information about the OURCOAST Conference and this initiative are available at
At this occasion the SUSTAIN partnership has organized a side-event on the 26th of October, prior to the conference. During this session the SUSTAIN project approach, development of activities and the expected results by end of 2012 have been presented and shred to an audience of 24 participants. Most importantly during this session focus has been on the exchanges of best practices for the improvement of sustainability in regional and local policies.
Final Programme to download

    September 2011  
Transnational Cooperation in Ports and Intermodal Transport Capitalization Conference in Valencia (Cooperación Transnacional en Puertos y Transporte Intermodal, Jornada de Capitalización)
29 September 2011

The objective of European Comission Regional Policy is the intensification of cross-border cooperation through local and regional joint initiatives; transnational cooperation, for an integrated territorial development; and cooperation and interchange of interregional experiences. At FEPORTS they wanted to collaborate with this objective by hosting a Capitalization Conference, encouraging the creation of synergies for the diffusion and transference of the results obtained in projects developed within the framework of the EU, under the MED Programme and other transnational cooperation programmes. The intention was also to share different experiences and to foster exchanges among projects related to transport, logistics, environment and safety, thus gaining knowledge and improving practices adopted. The Director of the Regional Development Centre Koper (Slovenia) gave a presentation of SUSTAIN, within a session titled Sustainable development in ports and coasts, as an active promotion of sustainable development in coastal area of the EU.

    June 2011  
Marine Spatial Planning and Transnational Partnership Working in the Irish Sea Stakeholder Workshop
23rd - 24th  June 2011

University College Cork (CMRC) attended  ‘Marine Spatial Planning and Transnational Partnership Working in the Irish Sea Stakeholder Workshop’ take took place on Dublin. At the event SUSTAIN promotional flyer has been distributed to the participants. Approximately 20 representatives (planners) from regional and local authorities were among the audience.
Workshop Programme
Environmental Awareness Campaign
6th – 10th  June 2011

The SUSTAIN partner SIVOM (Marine Observatory / Public Association of 'Communes' of the Littoral of Maures) participated in  a awareness campaign called “Eau Partagée” (“Shared water”). This public campaign takes place every year and its dedicated to raise youth awareness about key environmental aspects. During the week events a a day is consecrated to local authorities, and at this occasion SUSTAIN project has been presented in the form of the poster.


    May 2011  
QualityCoast Award Ceremony hosted in Kouklia, Cyprus
13th  May

The Community Council of Kouklia, partner of SUSTAIN  hosted the QualityCoast International Award Ceremony 2011 this year.  More than 100 participants mainly from Cyprus  but also local authorities representatives from Portugal, Romania, the Netherlands, Malta, Spain have joined to receive their awards. This has be also been an occasion during which SUSTAIN information has been provided to all participants.
More information about QualityCoast at and

SUSTAIN participates in ARTWEI meeting
7th  May 2011

The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW), partner of SUSTAIN  presented the project activities  in Szczecin (Poland) during the 3rd  project meeting of ARTWEI project. ARTWEI aims to use existing experiences from the EU and international Baltic Sea cooperation networks to develop local and regional methods for effective management of transitional waters (lagoons) from two perspectives: cross border cooperation and environmental integrity of river basins open sea.



    April 2011  

SUSTAIN & ICZM in the Canary islands and the Macaronesian region
14th -15th April 2011

The ‘Cooperation and Synergies in the establishment and sustainable planning of the coastal strip of the Region Macaronesian-LITOMAC project (partly funded by ERDF under PCT MAC) has  invited the Canary Institute of Marine Science (ICCM), partner of SUSTAIN to participate in  a 2 day event to share knowledge about Integrated Coastal Zone Management . During the first day, 14th of April , a workshop with 20 invited experts took place in Las Palmas to analyze the promotion of ICZM in the Canary Islands and the Macaronesian Region. Yaiza Fernández-Palacios participated at this workshop in representation of the Canary Institute of Marine Science and presented the work and progress made by SUSTAIN project and how it could contribute to ICZM implementation. During the 2nd day, the 15th a Seminar for a wider audience of approximately 100 persons took place and got acquainted with the progress in setting the basis for the promotion of sustainability in littoral areas.
More information about LITOMAC and the event:



    March 2011  

Down District Council & SUSTAIN
15th March 2011

Down District Council attended the meeting of the Northern Ireland (NI) Allotments and Community Gardens Forum that was hosted by the Minister of Finance for NI.  80 participants attended this event at the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens: Reception on Community Gardening and Allotments, NI Assembly . SUSTAIN has been presented in a stand  in the main conference area and visitors were given additional face to face engagement and information, and the promotional material has been distributed to all conference delegates.

Patrick McCluskey (L) hands over SUSTAIN flyer to Sammy Wilson (R), Minister of the Finance for Northern Ireland

Sustainable Communities Conference – Making the Global Local, City Hall Belfast
10th March 2011

Down District Council attended and present SUSTAIN in the national conference for Sustainable Communities alongside with 200 other participants.  This has been a good opportunity to make the project known to other communities, as well as the Minister of The Environment of Northern Ireland (see photo below)  who visit the Council stand in the main conference area, where SUSTAIN has been presented, flyers distributed to all participants and additional information.

Edwin Poots, Minister of the Environment for NI 


    January 2011  

International Sea Festival 2011, Gran Canaria
28-30th January 2011

The Canary Institute of Marine Science (ICCM) attended the event entitled International Sea Festival 2011that took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria end of January 2011. The Canary Institute of Marine Science was present with an information stand that provided display of material and posters of several of the initiatives that the ICCM is involved in, including the SUSTAIN project, as in the photo . During the festival many participants learned about the project, its aims and the role of ICCM.



    November 2010  

Local Stakeholders in Warnemunde learn about SUSTAIN
29th November 2010

The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW) organized a meeting with 9 local participants. It took place on 29th November in the Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research.



‘A changing coast in changing times – current and emerging policy: what it means for you’
25th  November 2010

The North West Biennial Regional Coastal Conference took place in  Maritime Museum in Liverpool . The Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council attended and presented in a dedicated information area with  SUSTAIN display (pop-up exhibition banner) and information was given to the 125 attendants at this event.


“Awareness Raising for water saving techniques”  workshop in Cyprus
10th  November 2010

Kouklia Community Council gave a presentation of SUSTAIN during a dedicated stakeholder workshop of the project. The workshop was bi-communal, ie Greek and Turkish Cypriots took place, so there has been an ideal opportunity to disseminate SUSTAIN project to the Turkish Cypriots community


    September 2010  
LITTORAL 2010 Adapting to global change at the coast
21-23 September 2010

The international conference LITTORAL 2010  took place at the Royal Geographical Society in London, and has been organised by CoastNet.
The main conclusion of the conference was that the coastal research and practitioners community is ready for a wider application of ICZM-principles, and there is now a need for a new EU Legal instrument supporting this.  At this occasion, SUSTAIN has been presented during the conference dedicated session to EU Policy and Projects by Caroline Salthouse from Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council in cooperation with the EUCC. 50 delegates attended this session while all participants have also learn about SUSTAIN and received promotional material.
The next LITTORAL Conference  will be organized by EUCC-Belgium in 2012 and will take place in Ostende, Belgium.
    May 2010  

SUSTAIN at the EU Maritime Day 2010 in Gijon
18-21 May 2010
On the 18-21 of May the 3rd edition of European Maritime Day was held in Gijón (Spain) with innovation for sustainable growth of maritime sectors and coastal regions as its main focus. At this event, co-organised by the European Commission, the Spanish Presidency of the European Union and the Government of the Principality of Asturias, more than 1250 participants from 14 Member States and 10 other countries took part in a vast array of conferences, debates and specialised workshops to discuss state-of-the-art maritime tools and policies. Alongside the conference, there was a large exhibition area where stakeholders will hold stands and exhibitions brought a wide variety of maritime issues and activities to the public's attention.

The Canary Institute of Marine Science (ICCM), belonging to the Canary Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society of the Canary Regional Government, brought SUSTAIN to this appointment, where European stakeholders interested in the best future for our seas and coasts met to discuss the way forward. Display materials explaining SUSTAIN’s goals and activities, aimed at the assessment of littoral areas sustainability for the benefit of coastal communities, and presenting the project’s partnership, where exhibited within ICCM’s stand.

To see the display panel, please click here.
To see the leaflet, please click here.



    March 2010  
SUSTAIN in The Parliament Magazine Issue on Water Management & Resources
21st March 2010

SUSTAIN project has published an article  in the issue of the Parliament Magazine dedicated to Water Management & resources, alongside with other initiatives and relevant articles. 
The Parliament Magazine is the magazine for the European Parliament and European Commission. It is distributed once every two weeks to all Members of the European Parliament, senior members of the Commission, the Council and various EU institutions.
The full issue can be seen at