CorkSustainable European Coasts a Step Closer, Cork
19th December 2012

Using our coasts in a manner that is considered sustainable is a challenge facing many coastal managers across Europe. As part of the SUSTAIN project – the CMRC and 11 other European organisations tackled this issue and worked in partnership to develop a policy tool that can assist coastal Authorities and communities throughout Europe to deliver sustainability on Europe’s coast. In Ireland, the results of the SUSTAIN project were officially launched by Prof. Colin Sage at a recent meeting of the Environmental Citizenship Group in UCC, Cork – the group is active in research, and promoting dialogue, around issues of sustainability and related ‘science and society’ concerns; thus, providing an ideal platform for launching the results of SUSTAIN.
Cathal O’Mahony of the CMRC believes the value of SUSTAIN is twofold – “firstly the policy tool is another means for supporting sustainability planning undertaken by coastal Authorities, but secondly, and equally important is the inventory of good practices that the partnership has documented and in some cases transferred over the course of the SUSTAIN project – this shows sustainability in action and can give inspiration to those looking to take similar steps in their coastal regions.See full press release


SamothrakiPresenting the final results of the SUSTAIN Project in Samothraki, Hellas
30th November 2012

At the national event, which was held in Samothraki (N. Fardis conference room) on the 30th of November, the project was presented to the local stakeholders (representatives of the municipal council, representatives of organized forms of local entrepreneurship, such as cooperatives, associations and chambers) and the general public the attainments and the final deliverables of this project as well as its potentials for a further utilization of the policy tool for the design and implementation of future actions in respect to the sustainable development of our coastal area. More information in Greek


Littoral2012Ostend hosted SUSTAIN national event at LITTORAL Conference!
28th November 2012

The SUSTAIN Dutch national event organized by EUCC, the lead partner, with the aim to inform and engage with Dutch and Belgium stakeholders took place on the 28th November in the city of Ostend. This has taken place at the occasion of the LITTORAL Conference and around 60 participants have attended the dedicated session of SUSTAIN. This has been a great opportunity to showcase key outputs of the project and describe how they were achieved, by various presentations, including the representation of the provincial authority of South-Holland, in the Netherlands that cooperated with EUCC in the development and testing of the SUSTAIN policy-tool . At this occasion, Mr. Hans Heupink, Coastal Programme Manager at the Province of South Holland, confirmed that “The province of South-Holland has high ambitions to develop its coastal region in an effective, climate proof and sustainable manner. However, measuring changes in sustainability on a regional level proves to be quite a difficult task. Our try-out with the scoring methodology of SUSTAIN have shown us where difficulties are, for example in terms of finding the right economic data, but most importantly has exposed our sustainability performance”.
Programme of SUSTAIN Dutch national event (in English and Dutch).
Presentations of the Session 2b: Measuring sustainability: the SUSTAIN project are available online at:


EUCC-DEThe final German SUSTAIN event took place in Rostock-Warnemünde
23th November 2012

On 23rd November2012 the final German SUSTAIN event took place in Rostock-Warnemünde near the lighthouse with a great view of the Baltic Sea. It was carried out together with the 10-year-birthday celebration of EUCC – the Coastal & Marine Union Germany e.V. About 100 persons – local and regional stakeholder with different backgrounds (tourism, marine science, authorities and economists) came to network and exchange experiences about Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) supported by several presentations including a presentation on the work carried out in SUSTAIN.



Littoral2012Final SUSTAIN National Conference Italy in Teramo
19th October 2012

The final SUSTAIN National Conference was held at the headquarters of the Province of Teramo on 19th October 2012 in the presence of all the actors involved in the sustainable management of this important territory strip. Attended, indeed, the Forestry Commission, the Board Chairman of the Consortium of Protected Marine Area “Torre del Cerrano” and the local administrators. During the conference were presented the Indicators, divided into 4 Sustainability Pillars: Governance, Economy, Environmental Quality and Social Wellbeing. Within them were showed Core Indicators, i.e. communal to those 22 European Coastal States, and Optional Indicators that could vary in every different European regions. Was also presented the “DeCyDe” policy tool, to estimate numerically Core Indicators in order to support the self-assessment and to define whether the stakeholders are moving towards a Sustainable Enhance of their own territory. Read more

Adhesion of the Protected Marine Area “Torre del Cerrano” to the Environmental Sustainability Observatory of the Province of Teramo.

During the conference “Cerrano Torre d’Europa” (Cerrano, Tower of Europe), has been signed the Grant Agreement between the Province of Teramo and the Protected Marine Area “Torre del Cerrano” within the only step, in Abruzzo region , of Biennale Habitat, an international initiative whose aim is to promote the safeguard and the enhancement of Adriatic and Ionian Macro-region in order to strengthen the common objectives of development in the programmatic context of EUROPA 2020 strategy ( intelligent, sustainable, inclusive growth). Read more



‘Delivering Sustainable Coasts’ - SUSTAIN International Conference, Southport (UK)
18-19th September 2012

The SUSTAIN International Conference and the North West Regional Coastal Conference 2012 was attended by more than 100 participants in Southport, UK, on 18-19th September 2012. This sucesssful event organized by the Sefton Borough Council and the North West Coastal Forum presented a wealth of experiences and shared the findings and achievements of SUSTAIN.
Following the event Councillor Peter Dowd, Leader of Sefton Council, said: “It is excellent that Sefton played host to this prestigious conference which welcomed coastal experts from throughout the UK and Europe."
At this occasion the 2012 North West Awards for Coastal Excellence have been also awarded. Learn more about it and view the presentations and videos from the Delivering Sustainable Coasts conference online.

SUSTAIN Visit: Culture & Sustainability in Portoroz, Slovenia
19-22nd June 2012

“Culture & Sustainability" has been the theme of this visit which was held in the coastal town of Portoroz in Slovenia and hosted by the Regional Development Center Koper.
At this occasion, the partners had the opportunity to get acquainted with the sustainable development aspects of the coastal area development of Slovenia,  as well as , learning about the cultural heritage of the Maritime Museum and Sečovlje  Salina  Nature  Park (saltpans) and the  Škocjan  Caves,  UNESCO’s  World  Heritage  Site.  

Programme of the Interregional Exchange Visit


See also podcasts on the Slovenian National page


SUSTAIN Workshop: Cork (Ireland)
22-24th May 2012

CMRC  hosted 30 experts from local authorities, NGOs and research organisations in Cork in May for the SUSTAIN workshop. At this occasion the project partners have learned about various sustainable practices on the coast  and experiences being implemented in Cork, Ireland. The SUSTAIN partners joined the workshop and a field trip to Bere Island in the West Cork Islands. 
For more information contact Cathal O'Mahony.
Workshop Programme & Presentations

Podcast of presentation: West Cork Islands Strategy: Padraig Moore (Cork County Council)

SUSTAIN Workshop: Lisbon (Portugal)
28 -29th March 2012

In March, the twelve European partners gathered in Lisbon for another workshop and visit hosted by the Tagus River Basin District Administration (ARH Tejo) in Portugal. During the workshop the framework methodology for the scoring methodology of the SUSTAIN Sustainability Development Indicators (SDI) was discussed and partners gained insight into the work of the regional authority work in Lisbon and the sustainability challenges of the city of Lisbon and its surroundings. Highlights of this workshop were the opening speech about “Strategies of Lisbon municipality for a sustainable approach to the city as a coastal / estuarine territory” by Dr. Ricardo Sá Fernandez, councilor of the City of Lisbon, as well as the also the visit to the Luiz  Saldanha Oceanographic Museum  and Marine Park and the various presentation of local experiences.

Programme Workshop



SUSTAIN partners jointly host a public session in Riga, Latvia
26th October 2011

The SUSTAIN partners joined the OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference-  "Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe: the way forward" that took place on 27-28th of October in Riga, Latvia. The OURCOAST Stakeholders Conference gathered 180 participants from around Europe and has been a good opportunity to reflect, at high level, on cross-sectoral themes and policies affecting the seas and coasts. At this occasion the SUSTAIN partnership has organized a side-event on the 26th of October, prior to the conference. During this session the SUSTAIN project approach, development of activities and the expected results by end of 2012 have been presented and shred to an audience of 24 participants. Most importantly during this session focus has been on the exchanges of best practices for the improvement of sustainability in regional and local policies. More information about the OURCOAST Conference and this initiative are available at

Final Programme SUSTAIN Session in Riga to download



SUSTAIN Visit:“Sustainablility of coastal mass tourism destinations” in Gran Canaria (Spain)
4th October 2011

SUSTAIN (Assessing sustainability and strengthening operational policies) is an INTERREG IVC project (2010-2013) that aims to ensure that the integrated management of coastal issues will be sustainable. EUCC is lead partner of SUSTAIN. On 4th of October, the European partners met in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to reflect with regional and local stakeholders the challenges and opportunities for sustainability of coastal mass tourism destinations. The event and visit was organized by the regional partner Instituto Canario de Ciencias Marinhas (ICCM). Highlights of this visit were the variety of interventions and discussions around this theme opened by representatives from Tourism, Environment and Research and Innovation, from the Government of Canarias; as well as a visit to the Maspalomas Protected Dune area and coordination centre including various presentations of local experiences.


TV and Radio


SUSTAIN Workshop: Down District Council, Northern Ireland (UK)
13-15th September 2011

This workshop has been dedicated to the further development of the SUSTAIN Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI)  set  was hosted by Down County Council, UK. All partners joined as this occasion and the results are being used to consolidate the work and methodologies  towards the finalization of the  sustainability indicator set early next year.


Programme Workshop


SUSTAIN Visit: “The Needs for Small Islands”, Samothraki (Greece)
23-27th May 2011

“The needs of small islands" has been the theme of this visit which was held in the island of Samothrace and hosted by the Municipality. This is an important issue for the EU which has many small islands within its nations and also has island states. At this occasion, the partners had the opportunity to learn and share views about small islands challenges.

Programme Interregional Exchange Visit



SUSTAIN Workshop: European inter-regional co-operation for coastal sustainability in Teramo
28-30th March 2011

In March, the twelve European partners came together for the fifth time, this time the host was the Teramo Province in Italy for a workshop and inter-regional visit. During the workshop the framework methodology for measuring sustainability and how SUSTAIN Sustainability Development Indicators (SDI) can be grouped into a number of key Core and non-core Issues were discussed. Highlights of this visit were a regional workshop on “Sustainability of the coastal areas in the province of Teramo: Integrated Management (ICZM) and operational policies” opened by Valter Catarra, president of the province of Teramo; and also the visit to the Marine Protected Area “Torre del Cerrano”, Pineto, with various presentation of local experiences.

Programme Workshop and Inter-regional Exchange Visit

See Videos in the Italian National page


SUSTAIN Workshop: “Defining the environmental and biodiversity sustainability criteria”, Warnemuende
12-14th October 2010

 The workshop has been dedicated to report progress by all partners in the work being done for the development of the Sustainability Indicator set. An excursion to the coast has also been organised at this occasion.

Programme Workshop


SUSTAIN Visit: “Opportunities for new Member States”, Schiermonnikoog (The Netherlands)
14 – 16th September 2010

The project partners gathered in the Wadden Sea Island Schiermonnikoog to discuss and present views about ‘Sustainability and the opportunities it opens up for New member states’, as well as to have a visit to the island including a presentation done by the Louis Wiersema, Councillor of the Municipality. It has been also a good opportunity for partners from Slovenia and Cyprus to introduce their experiences so far, as well as an invitee from Romania who shared the experience from a new member state and the efforts being done towards coastal sustainable development.

Programme agenda of inter-regional visit

Video of Louis Wiersema, Councillor - Schiermonnikoog Municipality


SUSTAIN Visit: “The role of local authorities in sustainability” Cavalaire , France
12 – 13th May, 2010

The inter-regional exchange visit to Cavalaire consisted of a series of short presentations from various local stakeholders. One of these was concerned with environmental management of harbours which started as a local event and is now a Europe-wide phenomenon.  The visit was well designed with a mix of field trip and workshop sessions and enabled partners to explore, with the 3 local communities and the Observatoire Marin, a range of issues about sustainability at the coast. The work on bathing water quality and how it tied in with the catchment management requirements of the Water Framework Directive was particularly interesting as this is different from how the Directives are being implemented in the UK and in Portugal, for example.

Programme Inter-regional exchange visit


SUSTAIN Kick-off meeting, workshop & visit in Kouklia, Cyprus
23-25th February 2010

This new project initiative aims to ensure that the integrated management of coastal issues will be sustainable. SUSTAIN (Assessing sustainability and strengthening operational policies) is an INTERREG IVC project that has recently started and the kick-off event took place in the beautiful municipality of Kouklia (Cyprus), one of the partners of the project.
Twelve European partners will be working together, including eight regional and local authorities under the lead of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) during the coming 3 years.
The Local and regional authorities are making efforts to use ICZM planning approaches to lead to sustainable development. A number of actions need to be implemented along the coast to improve sustainability. The criteria for assessing sustainability at the coast which will be developed and tested in SUSTAIN will provide the management policy tool which is very much needed and currently lacking.
“SUSTAIN is an ambitious and comprehensive project that will develop a fully implementable, self-assessment policy tool to measure the extent that sustainable development is being applied in all 22 coastal states of the EU.” said project manager Alan Pickaver. “The partners in this exciting project have come together to address the challenges that coastal communities face from issues like climate change, pressure on natural resources and the need for economic, social and cultural well-being by providing a new and innovative tool that can be used by the communities to enable them to live in and manage their own surroundings sustainably.” said Caroline Salthouse, communications lead partner (external expert for Sefton Council).

SUSTAIN Agenda kick-off meeting

Video of the opening of SUSTAIN project in Kouklia Cyprus, February 2010